CO2 Systems Solutions

BOCK CO2 Solutions


CO2 refrigerant compressors are optimized for use with CO2 within the thermodynamic properties of a fluid.

C02 compressors have a reliable design (to adapt to the system of CO2 operation), low vibration and noise level, high performance and low oil transport characteristics. In addition, CO2 compressors provide high efficiency in a systems.

Transcritical CO2 compressors

Transcritical CO2 systems cover a range of 2, 4 and 6-cylinder compressors and 6, 2 to 38.2 m3 / hr (50 Hz) sweep volume. Compressors are distinguished by high reliability, excellent operating performance, a wide frequency band for minimum partial load needs and efficiency standards previously unavailable in the market.

These exclusive standards have also been approved through ASERCOM (European Refrigeration Component Manufacturers Association). Therefore, compressors contribute to the lowest life cycle costs and comply with long-term legal requirements such as the F-gas regulation in Europe.

Compressors are used in transcritical applications for supermarkets, industrial refrigeration and heat pumps.


  • Highest compressor efficiency for low operating costs
  • Highly durable compressor design
  • Safe lubrication with pump lubrication
  • High performance with low vibration and low noise level
  • Wide operating frequency range for different applications
  • Low oil transport

Subcritical CO2 compressors

It covers the sweep volume range of 1.6 to 48.2 m3 / h (50 Hz) for low temperature applications. This series offers the advantages of a compressor series optimally adapted to CO2 demands.Compressors are used in booster or cascade systems in supermarket and industrial refrigeration applications.


  • High compressor efficiency for low operating costs
  • High resistance compressor design
  • Wide operating limits and wide frequency range for different applications
  • Up to 25% less energy consumption compared to compressors using a normal capacity regulator
  • High performance at low vibration and noise levels

Dİxell CO2 Solutions

Today, CO2 is considered a standard solution when a supermarket chain is developing new projects. Political economic environmental and thermodynamic advantages have made CO2 utilization superior to others in most cases. Thanks to the progress made in recent years, CO2 is one of the most affordable and available green solutions available on the market today.


CO2 Advantages

  • Fireproof natural fluid
  • Non toxic
  • TTCompatible with all common materials
  • High energy efficiency

Dixell Advantages

  • Easy setup/li>
  • Quick adjustment
  • Affordable cost
  • Control of the entire system with a single product
  • High efficiency for LT and MT

central system solutions with iProRACK v. 6.2 transcriticial CO2


iProRACK standard refrigerants are designed for CO2 subcritical application and IGK and parallel compression CO2 transcritical booster application. The application can manage two-circuit systems consisting of 12 compressors in each circuit. In transcritical applications, direct high pressure valve heat recovery systems can be controlled by-pass valve and parallel compression.

Subcritical systems are optimized for heat recovery and parallel compression booster solution. These controllers increase the energy saving of the facility while providing a high level of technology thanks to the special algorithms developed.


Visotouch screen

  • Easier working environment with touch technology
  • Red LED (Alarm) and green LED (ON-OFF Status)

Graphic TFT Display

  • Detailed machine status tracking with animated icons
  • Shortcuts and an intuitive interface to access information

Information Screen

  • The summary screen provides an overview of the device. It is enough to touch on every equipment in the circuit to see the details.


  • The summary screen include all useful information. (Valve condition, pressure, temperature etc.) (Valf durumu, basınç, sıcaklık vb.)


  • Fat injection management
  • COP optimization and parallel compression
  • Compressor sweep
  • Gascooler optimization
  • 3 unıts de-superheater management
  • Gas leak detector management
  • EC Fan or inverter fan management via ModBUS
  • CoreSenseTM integration via ModBUS

Practices Types

  • Condensing unit
  • Central system
  • Advanced central system
  • Compressor groups

ECA CO2solutions

ECA CO2 Series Two way Ball Valves

ECA CO2 series ball valves are specially designed for CO2 applications and their production and testing specifications are the same as for standard ball valve systems. Sealing is provided by special elastomers due to the CO2 fluid passing through it. In addition, there are two different nominal pressure options as 45 bar and 120 bar. The 120 bar option is designed for use in transcritical systems and the 45 bar option is designed for use at low pressure levels in both types of systems. In such applications, it is produced with special copper pipe (K-65) or stainless steel pipe according to demand.


  • Minimum pressure drop and maximum flow rate
  • Welding possibility without disassembling valve components
  • Sealing against unauthorized use

ECA CO2 Series Safety Valves

ECA CO2 Series Safety Valves are designed for CO2 cooling systems. If there is an increase in pressure in the system or if the set pressure value is exceeded, the safety valve opens automatically and safety is provided. After a little fluid is discharged, the valve closes again as the pressure in the installation decreases.

ECA CO2 Series Engine Controlled valves

CO2 Series Engine Controlled valves are used for heat recovery in CO2 systems or by-pass of gascooler equipment. They can also be used to produce hot gas for defrosting. Motorized valve types are divided into two and three-way.

ECA CO2 Series Service Valves

These types of valves are used to separate sections and add refrigerant when maintenance is required in refrigerant systems. They provide easy closing, filling and emptying of the system. Sealing is provided by double o-rings and in case of high pressure, the tightening nut fixes the shaft safely. 100% of the production is tested with the Helium Detector.

The service valves used to separate one equipment from another in any system in which liquids or gases circulate are of two types : Schrader type and shaft type service valves.

CO2 Series Service Valves are specially designed to control the necessary parts in the maintenance process in systems using CO2 fluid.

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