Customized Automation Solutions for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

Customized Automation Solutions for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

We are equipped all non-standard demands needed with our boutique automation solutions that we offer in refrigeration and air conditioning systems as Ercan Teknik. Also we create opportunities to increase capacity and save energy in systems by ensuring that all control mechanisms work under suitable conditions with special refrigeration and air conditioning automations. We offer energy-saving automation solutions with Dixell programmable controllers (PLC) and high-level refrigeration-air conditioning equipment.On the other hand, we benefit from our 40 years of knowledge in automation systems applications.

Our Automation and Information Solutions:
Automation systems are all about controlling your equipment and all your operations. The more control you have, the more value you can get from your production!

We have more than 40 years of experience in providing automation and information solutions. That’s why we are confident in automation and information solutions that meet the needs of the HVAC / R industry. Our systems give you complete control over your facility operations.

The products and automation systems provided by Ercan Teknik are used in a wide variety of applications like that:

  • Air handling units
  • Chilled water and hot water central facility controls
  • Cold rooms and freezer room controls
  • Central Refrigeration Systems controls
  • Fruit ripening room controls
  • Hospital temperature and humidity controls
  • Parking lot carbon monoxide (CO) controls
  • Energy audit, analysis, reporting and adjustment
  • School district refrigeration and heating applications
  • HVAC / R and energy management in shops, supermarkets
  • HVAC / R and energy reporting and management in commercial and retail
  • Stable temperature chambers
  • Critical environment rooms (such as UPS, server and computer rooms
  • Air conditioning units
  • Air handling units
  • Dehumidification units
  • Chiller controls
  • Multi-function Heat Pumps
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)


Increases Energy Savings and Lower Service Costs

A large part of an enterprise’s energy consumption consists of heating and refrigeration facilities. HVAC / R automation is a wise investment that will help your business save money, as much of your operating budget depends on expenses. HVAC / R automation, controls and smart thermostats help your business reduce energy consumption which in turn cuts costs. Heating and refrigeration usage is planned according to your needs in automation systems. Energy is consumed when you need it according to production schedules.  Controls regulate heating and air production according to environmental factors and energy efficiency targets. A facility’s heating and cooling system operates efficiently with high-performance HVAC / R controls.


Provides a better understanding of your facility’s energy consumption

You can see when and how you spent your money with automations and energy monitoring systems.  The data collected by your automation system helps your business increase energy efficiency and reduce operating expenses. You can find out whether your heating and refrigeration equipment consumes too much energy with automation systems. Thus, you can detect possible malfunctions in advance. HVAC / R failures often require repair and increase cost. You can avoid these costs by predicting in advance.

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