Dixell Air Conditioning System Controllers

Product Groups

Dixell air conditioning system control devices equipped with the latest technology create a high welfare environment by controlling the humidity, temperature and quality of the air in closed areas. The devices provide optimal conditions in temperature, air and humidity settings, while creating efficiency in power consumption and minimizing environmental impact. On the other hand, air conditioning system control devices have effective solutions in energy saving. Dixell controllers are equipped with functions such as dynamic set value that allow automatic change of operating set value depending on the outdoor temperature. In addition, the reduced setpoint and weekly “start – stop” management functions using the time band concept allow the device to be turned on only when necessary. The built-in remote monitoring feature allows the devices to be monitored and controlled over the internet / intranet without using any additional programs / devices.

Developed for single, double and four-circuit “Chiller / Heat pump” products, iChill and iProChill products provide complete solutions with special functions designed for industrial or commercial units.