Dixell Copeland Remote Monitoring and Supervision Systems

Product Groups

Dixell remote monitoring and monitoring systems, produced for the management of retail and HVAC / R applications, have a structure that provides maximum adaptation to all kinds of applications, from gas stations to hypermarkets, from cold storages to restaurant chains. The solutions include versatile features such as effective alarm management, high connectivity and daily data viewing and HACCP reports generation. In addition, consumption is constantly monitored with special algorithms and the efficiency of the application is optimized. Energy savings are achieved by reducing operating costs with these processes. Thanks to consumption optimizations, environmentally sensitive action is taken by reducing pollution gas emissions and waste directly and indirectly. Dixell remote monitoring and display systems offer the user some special functions that can be used to manage the system. All functions are user-friendly, thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Quick access to device pre-configurations is provided during installation. Thanks to the plan view, customer demands are met one to one in creating customized floor plans. Through this function, the data of the controllers connected to the user system can be accessed and commands can be sent. With the device view, the user is allowed to access all the data related to each device in real time, send commands, read parameters, write, change the set value, export the parameters in different formats (CVS / XLS / WIZMATE). With the performance scale function, users are provided with the opportunity to choose the correct values ​​for each device. The graphical view easily reveals the overall performance of the facility. Also, thanks to the new automatic configuration, this function can be used more easily and quickly. On the other hand, it is also possible to access and compare consumption data in the monitoring and display system interface.