Dixell Copeland XWEB5000 PRO – Remote Monitoring and Supervisory System


Equipped with a powerful supervisor motor for large-sized facilities (max. 494 devices), this product can perform several different interactive operations required in the facilities in the areas of cooling air conditioning and building automation. The Dixell XWEB5000 EVO hypermarket is the ideal solution for large storage and distribution centers, food production and processing facilities, and call-service centers. The system can forward alarm notifications to the “on-duty” service team (via e-mail, SMS and also alarm relay outputs). PC use is not required. It is possible to use the system by connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Connection is provided through the use of a standard web browser on mobile devices and information can also be viewed on the web page.

Device Features:

  • 19 ”RAF or desktop
  • Temperature record up to 1 year
  • Display optimized device data with “Device View” and “Overview” functions
  • Increased safety and cable distance with two independent RS485 networks (max. 2Km)
  • Possibility to remotely change parameters of connected devices
  • Performance chart for cooling demand control
  • Sending commands connected to the calendar with “timer” feature
  • Alarm notification by SMS or e-mail
  • HACCP report printout in pdf format
  • Powerful supervisor engine and field simulator with integrated editor
  • The CRO; central system optimization
  • Dew point calculation for demister contro