Refrigeration Ball Valves

Product Groups

E.C.A. refrigerant ball valve is a kind of ball valve, which is used for fluid control (opening-closing) of commercial, domestic and industrial cooling systems according to 2014/68/EU Directive. it is operated by a quarter turn (90°) of the stem. Due to its bi-flow property, the stem can be turned up to 180° in order to balance the pressure in the valve during closed position

  • Excellent internal and external leak tightness performance
  • Double safe stem tightness with two o-rings and PTFE gasket
  • TIG welding of the body for external tightness
  • The optimum distance of welding area ensures protection of valve inner parts against excessive heat increase.
  • Detachment of steel stem group due to high pressure is protected by special design
  • Brass upper cover can be sealed in order to prevent the usage of unauthorized people
  • PTFE gasket in the upper cover gives additional tightness security
  • Self-oiling feature of graphited PTFE seats perform very good internal tightness and long-life cycle
  • Connection of copper tubes is ensured by silver-based brazing material
  • 100% of the production is checked by using Helium Mass Spectrometer with highly sensitive leak values (5×10-5
  • Testing of the valves are made according to CE directives and requirements of UL standard