There is no single answer to this question. There are different needs for each food you want to preserve. In general, it is necessary to control temperature and humidity for the preservation of fruits and vegetables. Preservation made with these two elements will be sufficient in fast consumption conditions. For medium and long-term storage needs, CO2 level (carbon dioxide) control ensures that these types of products are healthy and long-lasting. Only temperature control will be sufficient for products to be stored as packaged.
There are non-standard applications and solutions in special projects and product selection is made depending on the project content. Product delivery times are determined depending on the products selected. Our project management process starts with the first meeting with our sales representative. Later, the needs are determined and transferred to the project team. From this point on, the project is managed together with sales and management departmant.
The Air Conditioning and Cooling sector is our main sector, and the energy sector is among the sectors we operate in.
It will be enough to reach our sales representatives.
We provide both training and live support services to all industry professionals who buy and use our products and serve end users with these products.
There are installment and maturity options, it will be sufficient to reach our sales representatives for details.
Yes, it's original and guaranteed.
We organize free trainings on regularly determined subjects within Ercan Academy.
Remote monitoring system is used to monitor and record how the cooling / air conditioning systems work and what they control. It is possible to monitor and control the facility from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
Dixell in Italy, Bock in Germany and Czechia, Sensata in the USA, J&E Hall in Italy, Leitenberger in Germany and E.C.A. in Turkey
You can access the online selection program at vap.gea.com.
We are a distributor company therefore we do not have such that services. But we have a free training service.
Delivery time for out of stock products depends on the order quantity. Usually it takes 3-4 weeks on average.

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