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CO2 System Solutions

As Ercan Teknik, we have respected the environment in the air conditioning and cooling sector in our 40-year journey. We attach importance to our brands following eco-friendly innovations and developments. That’s why we are a close follower of CO2 system solutions.

FULL TOUCH technology

Featuring a revolutionary touch interface, the XR-T and XD-T Full Touch controllers offer a brand new experience in interacting with the user.

The XR-T and XD-T Full Touch family, which are resistant to water and dust, can be easily cleaned, allowing access to detailed information with a capacitive touch screen, and have an infrastructure that adapts to natural fluids.

iPro Series

iProGENIUS is the Dixell programmable controller (PLC) family that offers the most suitable solutions for all HVAC / R needs. It is suitable for all applications in the PLC world, including shopping malls, hospitals, airports, shipyards, energy management facilities and more.

Emerson Connected

Emerson provides the user with the opportunity to control real-time bottle cooler, cold room and aisle cabinets with the CONNECTED TM application. Thanks to this application, all operations on the controller can be carried out on smart phone or tablet screens.


Effective Solutions with Innovative Products


Cooperation with Globally Known Brands in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

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Results of Ercan Teknik’s 40th Years of Knowledge, Experience and Expert Staff

Fruit Ripening Solutions

By controlling the CO2 moisture and ethylene concentration in the sealed chambers, the fruits are ripened while preserving their sweetness and aromas. Air-tight system and keeping the humidity level at optimum level, maintaining product temperature with high air circulation, sensitive temperature applications and remote monitoring system.

Potato Cooling System Solutions

Management of potato cooling, drying, storage and marketing processes. Providing necessary automation in potato cooling and ventilation systems, special ventilation system designed according to the product, potato-specific humidification and air circulation system.

Always Fresh Foods

High-level technological infrastructure, detailed reports with web monitoring and instant access to data, user-friendly, color-understandable touch screen, always fresh foods. Temperature, humidity, CO2 control, air conditioning systems in storages, remote control and monitoring, uninterrupted continuation of the cold chain.

Energy Saving Solutions in Cooling Systems

Saving solutions for supermarkets and cold rooms. Aisle / cabinet optimization, central cooling system optimization, central monitoring and management system, advanced evaporator management, advanced split chiller management, energy analysis and tracking.

Why Ercan Teknik ?

Over 40 Years of Safety and Experience

Ercan Teknik, which has been operating in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector since 1980, makes a difference with its principle  of feeding and growing its sector with its 40 years of experience and knowledge. In addition, Ercan Teknik has a team that starts every day with the same enthusiasm and has always focused on creating high value.

Ercan Teknik has been operating with the principle of “Providing Effective Solutions” in air conditioning and cooling technologies for 40 years. With this awareness, Ercan Teknik aims for many years of success and world-class service for our country. Our main responsibility of existence is to produce sustainable values to the world with selfless motives to ensure our future. Since the day we were founded, Ercan Teknik has been adhered strictly to this mentality and will continue to do so.

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  • We are a distributor company therefore we do not have such that services. But we have a free training service.
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  • Dixell in Italy, Bock in Germany and Czechia, Sensata in the USA, J&E Hall in Italy, Leitenberger in Germany and E.C.A. in Turkey
  • Remote monitoring system is used to monitor and record how the cooling / air conditioning systems work and what they control. It is possible to monitor and control the facility from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • We organize free trainings on regularly determined subjects within Ercan Academy.
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