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As Ercan Teknik, we have been operating in the cooling and air conditioning sector since 1980. Today, we are the distributor of the world’s largest air conditioning and refrigeration industry brands. We have been providing fast and trouble-free service to our customers for 40 years. Our solutions provide energy efficiency in all systems and reduce operating costs.


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Today, 85% of the HVAC-R market in Turkey, uses E.C.A equipment. E.C.A. The product range includes all CFC, HFC, HCFC, HFO and  (NH3).  All products compatible with CO2. E.C.A and Ercan Teknik have been cooperating in the cooling valve product range for 10 years.  E.C.A refrigeration equipment valves are affordable and of high quality.
It is combined with Ercan Teknik’s knowledge and experience of 40 years.

E.C.A Refrigerant & Air Conditioning Systems Equipments

CO2 Ball Valves

E.C.A. CO2 refrigerant ball valves is a kind of ball valve, which is used for fluid control (opening-closing) of commercial, domestic and industrial cooling systems according to 2014/68/EU Directive. it is operated by a quarter turn (90°) of the stem. Due to its bi-flow property, the stem can be turned up to 180° in order to balance the pressure in the valve during closed position.

Excellent internal and external leak tightness performance.

Double safe stem tightness with two o-rings and PTFE gasket.

TIG welding of the body for external tightness.

Üst kapak içindeki PTFE conta ile ilave sızdırmazlık emniyeti sağlanır.

PTFE gasket in the upper cover gives additional tightness security.

100% of the production is checked by using Helium Mass Spectrometer with highly sensitive leak values (5x10-5 mbar.lt/s).

• Testing of the valves are made according to CE directives and requirements of UL standard.

CO2 Solenoid Valves

E.C.A. Solenoid Valves are designed to be installed on refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Solenoid valves are compatible with all environmental friendly refrigerants like CFC, HFC, HCFC and CO2 (except NH3 ). Valves can be easily soldered to the system with copper tube connection. Every product is 100% tested for external leakages with helium detector. Coil assembly with additional customers ensures corrosion resistance and long life cycle.

CO2 Safety Valves

Safety Valves are used in piping systems that carry fluids in gas or vapor phase. In case of pressure increase in the system, if the preset pressure value is exceeded, valve automatically opens and ensures safety. After discharging some amount of fluid, the disc closes again due to the pressure decrease in piping.

CO2 Changeover Devices

Changeover Devices are the service valves that allow separating the system during periodic control or replacement. Double safety valves can be assembled. By this way, while working on the isolated part, the other safety valve will continue to operate.

Check Valves

E.C.A. refrigerant check-valves are used for block refrigerant flow from one side while allowing the other. Our products are compatible with CFC, HFC, HCFC and CO2 refrigerants (except NH3 ). Body and cover connection is TUV certified TIG welded. K-65 copper tube products had designed to use on high side of refrigerant systems.

CO2 Service Valves

These kinds of valves are used in refrigerant systems tor isolating the sections in need of servicing and charging refrigerant into equipment.
They provide easy shut-off, charging and discharging capabilities to the system.

Sight Glass

These products are a kind of sight glasses with single body. They are used in refrigerant systems to provide a reliable moisture indication with sensitive paper. Also can be used to check if the level of the flow in the system is as desired. The colour change specifies the moisture content of the system as “Green” colour means dry and “Yellow” colour means wet.


Strainers are used for filtering the undesired particles in refrigerant systems. There is a stainless steel filter in the body for this purpose. The filter can be pull out by removing the upper cover in order to make cleaning. Please take care to the flow direction arrow while assembling. Tightness is ensured by o-ring and 100% of the production is tested by Helium Mass Spectrometer.


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There is no single answer to this question. There are different needs for each food you want to preserve. In general, it is necessary to control temperature and humidity for the preservation of fruits and vegetables. Preservation made with these two elements will be sufficient in fast consumption conditions. For medium and long-term storage needs, CO2 level (carbon dioxide) control ensures that these types of products are healthy and long-lasting. Only temperature control will be sufficient for products to be stored as packaged.
There are non-standard applications and solutions in special projects and product selection is made depending on the project content. Product delivery times are determined depending on the products selected. Our project management process starts with the first meeting with our sales representative. Later, the needs are determined and transferred to the project team. From this point on, the project is managed together with sales and management departmant.
The Air Conditioning and Cooling sector is our main sector, and the energy sector is among the sectors we operate in.
It will be enough to reach our sales representatives.
We provide both training and live support services to all industry professionals who buy and use our products and serve end users with these products.

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