Banana / Fruit Ripening Automation

Banana / Fruit Ripening Automation

Our energy-saving special software that can control the cooling system while controlling the fruit ripening process, not only reduces the initial investment and operating costs, but also enables you to have a reportable long-lasting and reliable business.

General Functions

  • Thermoregulation
  • Humidification Control
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) Level Control
  • Air and Gas Homogenization
  • C2H4 (ethylene) Level Control
  • Periodic Production of Food Quality and HACCP Reports
  • Watching the Maturation Process Live
  • Full Control of the Cooling Circuit
  • Remote Monitoring with Tablet, PC or Smartphone
  • Remote Access to the System with Standard Web Browsers
  • Easy Diagnosis and Maintenance
  • Easy Troubleshooting with Remote Connection
  • Alarm Management and Notification by E-Mail or SMS
  • Management of up to 3 Evaporators
  • 5 Standard and 3 Customizable Maturation Programs
  • Temperature Distribution Management and Alarms
  • Multilingual HMI (User Interface)
  • Alarm Management and Notification by E-Mail or SMS
  • Energy Efficiency and Safe Equipment System
  • Longer Life Mechanical System

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Display Options

Monokrom LCD

  • LCD with 240×96 pixels
  • Power supply: from controller On board temperature/humidity probe (optional)
  • Visokey output
  • Buzzer (optional)
  • Wall or panel mounting

Color Touch Screen

  • Customizable TFT touch screen display 4.3” display – 480×272 pixels
  • 256 (8 bit) colors
  • RS485 output
  • LAN port
  • Buzzer
  • Wall or panel mounting

Probes and Accessories

Web Monitoring

  • Temperature probes and transmitters
  • Humidity transmitters
  • CO2 transmitters
  • C2H4 transmitters
  • Various types of insert probes
  • Easy access through integrated web server
  • Live monitoring on the go.
  • Same layout design for the mobile and standard devices
  • Parameters access by remote connection
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Reduced service costs
  • Live alarm notifications via email or SMS

Adapters Optional

  • USB-ETH-CONVERTER: USB-Ethernet adapter for iPro controllers in 4 DIN format
  • NANO-Wi-Fi: USB-Wi-Fi adapter for Wi-Fi network connection (only for 10 DIN format)
  • USB-RS485 CONVERTER: USB-RS485 converter (2 wires) which allows to monitor one or more controllers networked to a computer

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