Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

Ercan Teknik offers a set of sustainable values to the companies in the cooling and air conditioning sector. We support projects and investments with our knowledge and experience of more than 40 years. Ercan Teknik also provides knowledge and products to enable energy savings of the unit by increasing the efficiency of each equipment and reducing the unnecessary consumptions. Our technical team is consisted of experts from different fields. With the expertise and combined knowledge, we act with a 360 ° consultancy logic such as operational efficiency, cost management, environment and risk management.


Our Skills

  • Engineering services
  • Feasibility Services
  • Status Assesment
  • Technical Analysis and Assesment
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Quality Control and Monitoring Technical Consultancy
  • Technical Layout and Flow Plans
  • Technical Compliance Checks
  • Post-Installation Consultancy

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