Why Ercan Teknik

Why Ercan Teknik

Ercan Teknik, which has been operating in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector since 1980, makes a difference with its principle  of feeding and growing its sector with its 40 years of experience and knowledge. In addition, Ercan Teknik has a team that starts every day with the same enthusiasm and has always focused on creating high value.

Technological Investment

Ercan Teknik who closely follows the technology and the new developments in air conditioning and cooling, brings world-class service to our country with all its affiliates. Our company contributes to the development of the sector by taking an active role in the sectoral associations; ISKID, ESSIAD and SOSIAD. Ercan Teknik has established the “Ercan Academy” in order to provide free trainings to refrigeration and A/C professionals of our domestic market to meet the knowledge and skills of our colleagues abroad. In a world where technology changes rapidly, proximity to technology is the biggest investment of a company not only for today but also for tomorrow. For this reason, Ercan Teknik serves its customers with both the latest technology products and an effective team that keeps up with the needs of developing technology.

40 Years Assurance

Ercan Teknik which has been founded in Ankara in 1980 by Alişan Ercan,  is celebrating its 40th anniversary in the sector as of 2020. Especially in countries with variable economies such as ours, the possibility to survive for 40 years depends on the quality of service provided by the company itself. Ercan Teknik Family has been providing trouble-free and world-class technological service in air conditioning and cooling market for 40 years.

This adventure which started in Ankara, has been filled with many success stories and still continues its journey in Istanbul. Ercan Teknik has served with great devotion and introduced many innovations since then. Over time, Ercan Teknik becomes a pioneer in the sector by understanding the importance of technology and its adaptation to ensure the future. At the same time, Ercan Teknik focused on the importance of the professionals and the development of their technical knowledge thus, developed a free training program; the “Ercan Academy”. Ercan Teknik has been operating with the principle of “Providing Effective Solutions” in air conditioning and cooling technologies for 40 years.

With this awareness, Ercan Teknik aims for many years of success and world-class service for our country.

A team that works with love

Ercan Teknik Family shows their loyalty to their customers and to each other with a mutual understanding of value and moves forward with the principle of “You have to do the job you love for success!”. For this reason, we care about the “value” added to the customers by targeting customer satisfaction at the highest level. The hidden power behind 40 years of Ercan Teknik’s success is a team and a family who love their job!

A Value Creating Company

Our main responsibility of existence is to produce sustainable values to the world with selfless motives to ensure our future. Since the day we were founded, Ercan Teknik has been adhered strictly to this mentality and will continue to do so.

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