Bluetooth Communication and Cloud system

Bluetooth Communication and Cloud system

Dixell offers XR-CHC & XRB-CHC cooling controllers with a very useful management by integrating Bluetooth communication technology to cooling. In addition, the new Emerson CONNECTED TM application, which can be used on iOS and Android platforms, enables the user to control real-time bottle cooler, cold room and aisle cabinets. Thanks to this application, all operations on the controller can be carried out on smart phone or tablet screens.

In addition, thanks to the Emerson CONNECTED TM application, it is possible to access detailed reports supported by graphics and statistics for service-maintenance services. The application can generate status messages (alarm status, etc.) regarding the operation of the system and authorization of users and access to the system can be managed with the Emerson Connected TM Cloud system.


  • Instant communication facility
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • Real-time regulation analysis and determination of whether the device is working correctly
  • Fast detection of possible malfunction
  • Fault detection through data analysis and graphics
  • Simple and fast commissioning
  • Easy adjustment by downloading, uploading and changing the parameter table
  • Collection, storage and analysis of data for sales statistics
  • Equipment control and management
  • Real-time and historical data retrieval in accordance with HACCP regulation

Emerson CONNECTEDTM Application


  • Quick installation and easy access
  • Advanced analysis and display of device status
  • Easy and cost-effective maintenance
  • User, service and product owner authorization
  • Possibility to directly communicate with the device with the list of available commands
  • Viewing and controlling total and daily counters
  • Independent probe selection for live data and graphic display
  • Functional system status screen such as quick glance, status check, active output and alarm list
  • Quickly see and change the set value depending on authorization
  • Ability to read, write and change each parameter
  • Safe update procedure and preservation of calibration data after parameter creation
  • Ability to quickly read, write, modify, create and share the controller’s configuration.

EmersonTM Connected Cloud

Thanks to EmersonTM Connected Cloud (Cloud Service), user control is done quickly and securely.


  • It guarantees each person connecting to the controller.
  • It prevents and blocks the access of unauthorized and malicious people.
  • User and authority can be changed or blocked.
  • New users can be defined and managed with predefined categories. (owner, user, service, admin etc.)

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