iPro Series


iProGENIUS is the Dixell programmable controller (PLC) family that offers the most suitable solutions for all HVAC / R needs. It is suitable for all applications in the PLC world, including shopping malls, hospitals, airports, shipyards, energy management facilities and more. These controllers provide high-level technology and simple solutions to the needs of the user with their wide connection and easy programming facilities.


  • Linux operating system
  • ISaGRAPH software development environment
  • RAM 64 MB
  • Flash memory 512MB
  • 32 bit 200MHz processor
  • DIN Rail or wall mounting

Programming Tools


  • It is a programming tool designed to easily and quickly generate a parameter file for use with XWEB EVO and WIZMATE.


  • It is a programming tool prepared to configure the interface for VISOGRAPH and VISOTOUCH screens. Thanks to many functions, it is possible to prepare the appropriate interface in a short time.


  • </iIt is produced to be able to program the parameters on the devices from the computer quickly and easily using WIZMATE software.

iPro - TOOL

It is a complete tool for programming the iPro controllers as desired. It ensures that all features and potential of the platform are used. Package includes manuals WIZMATE VISOPROG (optional) and ISaGRAPH software.

Especially the ISaGRAPH 6 tool is a modern software where each element is plug-in.


  • Modular structure with the highest level of customization
  • Possibility to work on different projects at the same time
  • Reduced software development time
  • automatic blog session creation
  • Auto code completion in ST editor
  • Block coloring, creating zones, manual adjustment in the application and document preview

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