Dixell Copeland iPro-ROOFTOP – Rooftop Controllers


Dixell iPro-ROOFTOP controllers make custom and easily configurable application temperature humidity ventilation filtering air quality control and management. This solution transfers the flexible structure it has to the unit, offers more than one solution for basic plant functions and basic condenser unit, as well as energy saving facility management with optional auxiliary functions. provides features. The application has been developed especially for manufacturers and practitioners and is offered with good hardware and an easy-to-use interface.

It is possible to manage different Rooftop scenarios and functions with a universal application in Dixell Rooftop control devices. The strong hardware structure provides the ideal solution even in applications where there is limited space in the electrical panel. Devices, special algorithms developed for each switchboard function and interactive graphic configuration system provide fast and accurate configuration, reducing the error rate. Temperature and humidity management with advanced algorithms not only provides precise results but also allows energy savings. Special functions developed for humidification (adiabatic humidification, water spray isothermal humidification conductivity control, etc.) increase the efficiency of the device without the need of using an external controller. These devices keep the air flow rate constant depending on the pressure or air speed by ensuring the best management of the fans (compression and rotation). In addition, the specially prepared “Condensing Unit” management function enables the installation of a 4-circuit system. The system is offered with internal or external electronic expansion valve driver usage possibilities.